Engine Servicing

Contrary to what many people may think, the technology that drives a drives a boat is very different to what powers a car. Marine engines need to be more durable to deal with the harsh marine environment, more powerful to cope with the drag of the water – and more reliable, because unlike when a car breaks down, in a boat you can’t simply get out and walk!

Our team of dedicated technicians are highly trained and qualified to service, repair or replace any marine engine, from outboard motors to powerful sterndrives.

We pride ourselves on our quality service. We understand that in this seafaring nation, people’s boats are their pride and joy, we’re passionate about them too! We always use top quality equipment, parts, oils and lubes and are confident that we can fix whatever problem your engine is experiencing.

The salty marine environment is a harsh one that can cause all kinds of corrosion to your beloved boat’s engine. A regular service will keep your 2hp outboard motor purring like a kitten and your 1050hp sterndrive roaring like a tiger.


To get your boat’s engine serviced and make sure your next outing runs smoothly.